About Us

Mahuadatta.com started in the year 2019 by the 'QUEEN OF ENTERTAINMENT', Mahua Datta, with passion in her hearts ‘to build an organization that would revolutionize Service in the Modelling & Entertainment Sector, while being customer-centric in all its activities’. Mahua Datta Herself is a passionate Actor, Director and Model. Being supported by her husband Mr. Arindam Dutta she has formed this company to highlight the present social condition and reality to make people aware of the incidents going around through variety of Short films. Another aspect of Mahuadatta.com is to bring the young and talented models into the mainstream Fashion and Entertainment Industry. Mahuadatta.com basically deals with the 18+ entertainment industry. We make bold contents for the people aged over 18 years. Nowadays in fashion industry, the basic problem is, talented people are not Getting the right chances or breakthrough due to lack of grooming or any other circumstances. But we for mahuadatta.com is giving chances to those young and fresh models who are willing to work In 18+ films. We have allotted a separate team to groom models, nurture their talents and to prepare them for the breakthrough in the fashion industry. If any fresh models who is willing to work in the 18+ or fashion industry can join our team for a bright future.

We make 18+ contents like Sharee Video, Hot Video, Bath Video & Short films.

Through Sharee Videos, We basically shows the gorgeous looks of the models in sharee. As we all know Sharee is the main stream ethnic wear of indian women. and also an woman wearing saree looks like goddess. we through our contents brings out the boldness and seductiveness of a model wearing saree. We also focus on the different style of wearing sharees and how choosing the right style can bring out the confidence and boldness of women.

Through Bath Videos, we basically show the hotness of an women while they bath. As we all know bathing is very important part of everyday life of a human. Bathing reduces the stress of our everyday life. Through our contents we bring out the seductiveness, boldness and sexiness of women while she takes bath. From the ancient era, it is in human nature that we used to satisfy our mental needs by watching bath time moments of women, it is also in the myths of krishna and radha that krishna used to sneak when radha used to bath with her friends. We all know as a human being watching women while they bath gives us calmness in our mind. We also through the bath video of the models wants to give you the same mental satisfaction that you need.

Through Hot Videos, we basically shows the boldness of a model. Every woman has their own style of being sexy and hot. And to bring out their sexiness they need nothing but their mental satisfaction. It is not mandatory, That a woman every time needs a man to bring out their sexiness. Through hot video contents we shows, how a model brings their hotness and sexiness and also how a women can satisfy herself in terms of mental and physical needs.

Through Short films, we want to highlight the present social condition and reality to make people aware of the incidents going around. Everyday we are seeing that women are getting raped, molested or they are committing suicides due to family problems, relationship problems or they are murdered by their in laws. People are getting involved into multiple or illegal relationships which leads to various crimes. we through mahuadatta.com, want to highlight this kind of social problems so that our viewers can get aware of this incidents.